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Welcome to Army of Lycaeon GuildPortal page. We are a small social leveling guild wiho runs dungeon's for FUN on the side. If you're looking for friends, no drama allowed and actual help we're the guild for you!
                                 You can contact Lycaeon in world via in game mail if I'm not on for more information!

  For a invite simply find myself, or one of my Officer's in world. (Laochin, Sybrowene or Deficar) and one of them will be happy to get you all set up! 

                We allow all level's and have two veteran's of WoW in charge so there's no "Go find it yourself" attitude. We try to have all professions covered within our Guild Master as well as our main officer's so for those leveling needing help with professions, questions etc. You have the know how. We currently have four bank tabs and working on more. We also are working on our reputation levels on the guild to get it all the way to the max eventually!

   For those new to WoW looking for a HOME, you've found one here:) xxx, Lycaeon
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Guild Bank

Army of Lycaeon, Jun 17, 11 7:59 PM.
At this time I am currently intergrating Moonlight Mystiks (Storage Guild Bank) Into use for Lycaeon members to request items from. You can only GET requested items via myself or Laochin through this method. So either put in a request via the site, or through in game mail. 
    PLEASE keep in mind it took many hours and many level's to obtain some of the mats in the guild bank(s) I am NOT going to level your profession for you, I WILL help you out, but the idea of professions is to learn where things are, the best ways to get them and it makes you appreciate the craft of it MORE when you're the one having to do the farming. If you're letting your GM level your professions it shows laziness..and I for one will not condone nor support it. 
  Furthermore at any given time I may eject things out of the guild bank(s) of my free choosing to make room for better or higher ended gear, mats etc and will sell the items in a slot and deposit the funds into the guild bank. Anything "trash" wise well as the saying goes...Another person's trash is another one's so true in this case:) It becomes gold for the guild bank! It turns over into repairs and other stuff I might get a whim to get and just give out..
   ANYTHING on the guild bank list can be requested, please be curteous and not request to death, keep in mind you're not the only person in the guild leveling something. Thanks! xxx, Lycaeon

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Army of Lycaeon, Jun 16, 11 10:02 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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